Снятие форматтера


1. Remove the left-side cover (see Left-side cover).
2. Disconnect one flat, flexible cable (callout 1) at the bottom of the formatter.
CAUTION Do not fold flat, flexible cables. Also, do not straighten pre-folds in flat, flexible cables.
3. Disconnect four cables (callout 2) at the top of the formatter.
4. Remove two screws (callout 3) from the I/O cover.
5. Remove six screws (callout 4) from the formatter plate.

Figure 6-14. Removing the formatter

6. Lift the I/O cover, the formatter, and the formatter plate off of the printer and place them on an ESD mat.
7. Lift the formatter plate off of the formatter.
8. Rotate the I/O cover to clear its tabs and remove it from the formatter.