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Canon LaserBase MF3110 - проверка датчиков

To operate the test mode, after pressing the Menu key , press the # key and select "SERVICE MODE" . After this, select "TEST MODE" with the cursor keys , and press the OK key.


The faculty tests are selected by pressing the numeric key 6 from the test mode menu.

Sensor Tests

The sensor test is selected by pressing the numeric key 3 from the faculty test menu. In this test, you can check the status of each sensor of this machine in items 1 to 4 on the display.

You can also check if sensors that use actuators and microswitches are operating correctly by moving the actuator or microswitch.

Pressing the 1 key

CRG Cartridge sensor on/of
FCV Front cover switch on/of
ALS Cassette recording paper sensor
Manual paper feed sensor
Top sensor
Paper delivery sensor
Not used

Pressing the 2 key

JAM Paper delivery jam detection on/of
TN Toner sensor on/of and toner amount
JAM000 JAM code display
010:Pickup delay jam
020:Pickup stationary jam
030:Delivery delay jam
040:Delivery stationary jam
050:Wrap jam/Initial jam
060:Cover open jam

Pressing the 3 key

DS Not used
DES Not used
HPS Home position sensor on/of

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