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Canon iR5000/6000
Canon iR5000/6000
Starting Service Mode and Making Selections
1) Press the user mode key ( ) on the control panel.
2) Press the 2 and 8 keys at the same time.
3) Press the user mode key ( ).

Начальный экран:

Жмем COPIER , получаем


Расшифровка полей экрана

Item Description Remarks
AAA Indicates the numbers of jams
(larger the number, the more past the jam).
1 to 50 (50 max.)
BBBB Indicates the date of occurrence. Month, day (2 digits each)
CCCC Indicates the hour of occurrence. 24-hr notation
DDDD Indicates the return of recovery. 24-hr notation
E Indicates the location of occurrence. 0: copying machine
1: feeder
2: finisher
EFff Jam code. FF: jam type (T04-201-01)
ff: jam sensor (T04-201-02)
(For the feeder, T04-201-04.)
G Indicates the source of paper. (T04-201-03)
IIIII Indicates paper size.  

FF: Types of Jams
Code Type
00xx none
01xx delay jam
02xx stationary jam
0Axx stationary jam at power-on
0Bxx front cover open jam
G: Source of Paper
Code Description
1 right front deck
2 left front deck
3 cassette 3
4 cassette 4
5 not used
6 not used
7 paper deck (accessory)
8 manual feed tray
9 duplex block
ff: Jam Sensors
Code Sensor
xx01 registration paper sensor (PS29)
xx02 laser write start sensor (PS28)
xx03 vertical path 1 paper sensor (PS24)
xx04 vertical path 2 paper sensor (PS25)
xx05 vertical path 3 paper sensor (PS26)
xx06 vertical path 4 paper sensor (PS27)
xx07 right deck feed paper sensor (PS32)
xx08 left deck feed paper sensor (PS33)
xx0B right deck re-try sensor (PS19)
xx0C left deck re-try sensor (PS20)
xx0D cassette 3 re-try sensor (PS21)
xx0E cassette 4 re-try sensor (PS22)
xx0F claw jam sensor (PS4)
xx10 internal delivery sensory (PS35)
xx11 external delivery sensor (PS36)
xx12 delivery assembly jam sensor (PS46)
xx13 reversal sensor 2 (PS38)
xx14 reversal sensor 1 (PS37)
xx15 duplexing paper sensor (PS34)
xx16 duplexing pre-registration sensor (PS30)
xx1E deck pickup sensor (PS101)
xx1F deck feed sensor (PS106)
xx32 buffer path sensor (PI14)
xx33 inlet sensor (PI1)
xx34 delivery sensor (PI3)
xx35 staple tray sensor (PI4)
xx36 vertical path paper sensor (PI17S)
xx37 delivery sensor (PI11S)
FFff: Sensors for and Types of Jams in the Feeder
x=1: 1st original picked up.
x=0: 2nd or subsequent original picked up.
Code Description Sensor
00x1 Post-separation sensor (S3) delay S3
00x2 Post-separation sensor (S3) stationary S2, S3
00x3 Registration senor (PI1) delay S3, PI1
00x4 Registration sensor (PI1) stationary PI1
00x5 Read sensor (S2) delay S2
00x6 Read sensor (S2) stationary S2
00x7 Delivery reversal sensor (S1) delay S1, S2
00x8 Delivery reversal sensor (S1) stationary S1, S2
00x9 User ADF open PI2
00xA ADF open PI2
00xB User cover open SW2
00xC Cover open SW2
00xD Residual PI1, S1, S2, S3
00xE Pickup fault PI5
00xF Timing error S2

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